Guojiao 1573·National Charm

Guojiao 1573·National Charm was brewed by the team led by Ms Zeng Na who is a brewing expert, the 23rd inheritor of traditional Baijiu-making techniques of Luzhou Laojiao and national baijiu judge. With 60% abv, it expresses soft, mellow, elegant and refreshing characteristics. It’s like a man who becomes mature with time and experience.


60% ALC/VOL ,5L

Guojiao 1573·National Charm has a volume of 5L and design of a red pot with embossed gold peony, indicating a big heart that can take it all and a wish for long lasting career.

Guojiao 1573·National Charm showcases a joyous, promising and inspiring baijiu that is perfect for ceremony, banquet and birthday party.

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