Zisha - Purple Clay

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Luzhou Laojiao Antique Edition 'Zisha Daqu'

52% ALC/VOL 500ML The Luzhou Laojiao Antique Edition is created using traditional Chinese Baijiu production methodologies and bottled in an exquisite clay bottle reminiscent of our past. The low material density of the clay bottle also allows the Baijiu to ‘breathe’, making it a living Baijiu. Tasting Notes: An aroma of toasted sesame oil and fermented soy. A rich and umami body with notes of nuts, dark chocolate, and sour cherry. White pepper on the finish.
$99.00 (Temporarily out of stock)


ALC: 52% VOL: 1066ML This wine uses international design elements including diamond cut, geometric facades, and modern simplicity. This wine is brewed with the unique traditional brewing techniques of Luzhou Laojiao. It uses the image of the ox, an ancient Chinese zodiac animal, to show the Oriental charm. The design of the product reflects the sense of sealing up the power, expressing the potential of "cattle" to change the universe. The color of red and gold splicing collision is a strong expression of power, which shows the meaning of "rock breaking the sky".
$269.00 (Temporarily out of stock)