Luzhou Laojiao shows off its 400 plus years of spirit making expertise with this rare liquor. Zisha was created using traditional Chinese baijiu techniques. This spirit has a traditional Chinese bottle design which displays the heritage and history of Luzhou Laojiao. On the nose, it has a complex floral aroma, complemented by pepper, ripe peach and toasted rice on the palate. This is combined with a slight sweetness from peach and pear notes.
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Moutai Flying Fairy is a traditional signature product from Moutai. Reminiscent of no other, its taste and aroma includes tropical fruits and pear, smoky nuts and sweet plums. Clear in colour like water but powerful and complex in flavours. It has very floral and perfume like aromas with hints of pineapple, guava and kiwi fruit on the nose. Smoky note in the mid palate tropical fruits, white flowers and hints of herbaceous combined for a long finish. This Baijiu not only has a complex flavour, it is limited edition so it's also a great choice for collectors.

National Cellar x Australian Open Commemorative Edition 40% 750ML

The Australian Open has landed a significant partnership deal with leading Chinese Baijiu brand Luzhou Laojiao in the largest Chinese sponsorship deal in the history of the tournament. The partnership will be brought to life during the Australian Open by celebrating the shared values of tradition, history, celebration, culture and innovation as part of a special ‘Winning Moments’ series. Luzhou Laojiao will benefit from global exposure and brand engagement through the Australian Open partnership including international broadcast visibility and a world class hospitality offering.