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Guojiao 1573

ALC: 52% ALC/VOL VOL: 500ML Guojiao 1573 is produced in our treasured fermentation pits that have been in continuous use for over four centuries. It is the cream of Luzhou Laojiao and our flagship product. Tasting Notes: A floral nose with honey, pine resin and grilled pineapple. A velvety mouthfeel with a burst of fruit and a raisin-like finish reminiscent of the best grappa. Serve Chilled: Try Guojiao 1573 served chilled at 12°C, it allows the fragrance and mellowness to converge to deliver an enhanced aroma.


52% ALC/VOL,750ML Distilled as a tribute to the cultural heritage of our distillery, the Spirit of China is a specially made liquor and our most premium product. Tasting Notes: Apple, pear, and grape skin dominate the nose, and earthier fermented notes can also be detected. An explosion of umami flavours on the palate, with pineapple, liquorice, sesame and seaweed notes that build to an expansive finish.

National Cellar X Australian Open 'Champion Winning Moments' 40% 750ML

The Australian Open has landed a significant partnership deal with leading Chinese Baijiu brand Luzhou Laojiao in the largest Chinese sponsorship deal in the history of the tournament. The partnership will be brought to life during the Australian Open by celebrating the shared values of tradition, history, celebration, culture and innovation as part of a special ‘Winning Moments’ series. Luzhou Laojiao will benefit from global exposure and brand engagement through the Australian Open partnership including international broadcast visibility and a world class hospitality offering.

Guojiao 1573 Australian Open Commemorative Edition

40% ALC/VOL ,750ML A special edition designed to celebrate Luzhou Laojiao’s partnership with the 2019 Australian Open, marking an important step in bringing the aroma of inspiration to the international community.

Guojiao 1573·National Charm

Guojiao 1573·National Charm was brewed by the team led by Ms Zeng Na who is a brewing expert, the 23rd inheritor of traditional Baijiu-making techniques of Luzhou Laojiao and national baijiu judge. With 60% abv, it expresses soft, mellow, elegant and refreshing characteristics. It’s like a man who becomes mature with time and experience.
$3,999.00 (Temporarily out of stock)

Guojiao 1573 PANDA 53% 960ML

ABV: 53% Volume: 960ml Guojiao 1573·Panda Edition is a commemorative baijiu product specially made in honor of 105th anniversary of winning Gold Award in Panama Pacific International Exposition. It represents the essence of Chinese cultural heritage and Chinese intangible cultural heritage, and is perfect for prestige spirit collection, premium gifts and high class business banquet. Distillates for Guojiao 1573·Panda Edition are brewed only in our precious 1573 national cellars and aged in natural cave for at least 10 years. It is elegant, mellow, smooth, crisp and lengthy, and regarded as the benchmark for Strong Aroma Baijiu with highest quality. Masterpiece as such is crafted by the legendary 22nd and 23rd inheritors of traditional Baijiu-making techniques of Luzhou Laojiao. The packaging inspiration comes from the “Temple of Heaven”, from which the hand-crafted box gets the blue color of encaustic tile and the bottle gets the shape of “Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests”. Showcasing unique Chinese element with a porcelain panda fired with technique of Chinese intangible cultural heritage from Liling City, Hunan. It perfectly presents a consensus in Chinese culture of harmony among universe, earth and men.